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Taking Responsibility
Rod Nulik, Purina Mills

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Tom Field
Purina Mills Marketing Manager Rod Nulik shared with attendees the leadership philosophy of company founder William H. Danforth, and how that philosophy affects the company's business strategy and product development.
Conference sponsor Purina Mills, LLC, differentiates itself with a philosophy set by company founder William Danforth, said Rod Nulik, Purina Mills marketing manager. Nulik shared some of Danforth’s philosophy and the company mind-set during the 2005 National Angus Conference & Tour in Kansas City, Mo., Sept. 28.

Danforth, who founded Purina in 1894, believed the role of the feed business was to provide employment to help build families, homes and communities, Nulik said.

When selecting a brand for its research animals, Purina picked the four-square brand to reflect Danforth’s philosophy of leading a life balanced on four cornerstones. Danforth espoused a person should stand tall (physical aspect), think tall (mental), smile tall (social) and live tall (faith).

This four-square philosophy was transmitted to animal production, with the four cornerstones being good feeding, good breeding , proper sanitation and sound management.

Danforth and other great leaders accept responsibility, Nulik said, encouraging producers to take responsibility themselves. As a producer, he added, you have the responsibility to:
• understand changes needed in the cattle industry;
• affect change in your operation to optimize your resources; and
• align with those who can help you make those changes.

Purina’s responsibilities, he added, are to:
• address industry needs to improve beef’s competitive advantage and value;
• utilize its strengths in research and distribution to optimize producer resources of land, labor, capital and management; and
• build leaders through innovation.

Nulik shared information about Purina’s research farm at Gray’s Summit, Mo., where it is focusing on palatability, eating behavior and intake modification.

— by Shauna Rose Hermel, editor, Angus Productions Inc.
© Copyright 2005 Angus Productions Inc.

Editor’s Note: This article was written under contract or by staff of Angus Productions Inc. (API), which claims copyright to this article. It may not be published or distributed without the express permission of Angus Productions Inc. To request reprint permission and guidelines, contact Shauna Rose Hermel, editor, at (816) 383-5270 or shermel@angusjournal.com.

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